Menu Creation & Development

The windows to the Soul are the eyes in humans, we are told. The menu is the window to the Soul of the Restaurant. The menu must tell the story of your restaurant and food, it is a vital tool for the profitability of the restaurant. It must be presented in an appealing way and priced in accordance with your target market, quality and location. Menus must be the right size, be visually attractive, have a balance throughout, contain well thought out choices and most importantly of all produce the required level of gross profit for the business.

How I Can Help!

  • Menu Research

  • Develop a menu based on concept, theme, and target market.

  • Design a menu that is interesting and easy for the guest to follow.

  • Analyse the cost of every dish and engineer the RRP per item.

  • Recipe Documentation – Preparation Recipes and Plate Assembly Recipes.

  • Supplier sourcing and recommendation

  • Nutritional Analysis

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