These are the reasons I feel I can help you!

I have owned and operated over 20 Restaurants and Hotels in Ireland, and yet I still learn everyday.

I have failed as many times as I have suceeded and yet I am a business success.

I have published a number of books, and yet, each time I read them, I realise how I could have written them differently.

I currently own and operate one of Irelands most successful Traditional Restaurants, yet Im humbled by the experience and grateful for the journey.

I have consulted to many Restaurants and Hotels over the years, and I continue to learn with each new experience.

I left school when I was 15, with little education and yet I hold diplomas in Business Management, Marketing, Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) , Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Colour Dynamitcs.

I have been into the abyss of business loss and I emerged stronger than before and yet there is still room for more learning.

So from my life experience, yes. I can help you, but only if you allow me to help you.

Pick up the phone and call me or drop me an email. I am here for you!

“If I have no Honour or Integrity, then I have nothing”

David Ellis

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