David Ellis is The Consultant

David has been in the Hospitality industry for over 40 years. In that time, he has owned and operated over 20 Restaurants, hotels, pubs, retail, holistic and online businesses.

Because he has experienced both success and failure many times, he knows first-hand the pain and difficulties of opening a new restaurant and operating a profitable restaurant. With his vast wisdom and knowledge of the Hospitality world. David Ellis shares his wisdom and knowledge to help new restaurant owners and existing restauranteurs, navigate this difficult business.

His new book, “Opening Your First Restaurant”. is an autobiographical journey of the restaurants and hotels David has opened, it is a guide of the correct way of opening a new restaurant, and therefore provides you with everything you need to know about the process of setting up in the restaurant business, The book was due to be published in April 2020, but with COVID19, it became obvious that this pandemic and the damage it is doing to the hospitality industry should be included. The publication date will be after COVID19 has settled down and the world returns to some economic normality.

Choosing the right help

Choosing a Coach, Mentor or Consultant can be a daunting task, because this relationship must be based on trust and the vulnerability it raises.

When you are seeking a professional in this area, it can be helpful to ponder what personal qualities you value in this kind of provider.

Here are some characteristics that research has shown are important:

  • Business Experience  –   Some business coaches, mentors and consultants have no actual business experience at all. They are trained in their field, just like a sports coach is trained to be a sports coach. It is far more beneficial to the client, however, if the provider has actual experience in the area that you are involved in. What is even more beneficial, is if that provider has succeeded and failed and succeeded again.

  • Knowledge Level  –   Business coaching and consulting are skills and require some education and practice to embrace the art. Business consulting and coaching are not regulated in Ireland and therefore anyone can call themselves a coach, whether they have training or have actual business experience. In your mentor selection, always consider a Consultant who actually has business experience. Enquire how long have they been a business consultant and how long have they been a small business owner. How many businesses have they owned in the past? How many times have they failed? How many times have they succeeded? Look for someone with a wide experience of success and failure and how to master failure.

  • Status – Does the consultant write? Have they published any works? Do they offer speaking engagements? Or teach on business topics?

  • Offerings –   In addition to consulting, does the consultant offer other products or services, like books, audio programs, classes, free information or program downloads?

  • Free Consultation –  Does the Consultant offer a free initial consultation, so that you can get to know one another to ensure a compatible fit?

  • Compatibility –   After your initial consultation, you must feel comfortable and relaxed with the new relationship. Do you and the Consultants personality work well together? Do you feel positive and upbeat after speaking with them? Do they listen to what you are saying? Will you listen to what they are saying? Do you trust them? Do you enjoy their company?

  • Who is my Consultant –  Will you work directly with the main consultant in the business, or are there a team of consultants? You want to know exactly who you will work with.

  • Challenging – Does the consultant challenge you to step up to your greatness; to be accountable for getting things done? Will they mentor you to be the true potential you can be?

  • Availability –  Is the consultant available to work with you, when you want and need? Some consultants work Monday to Friday, and only daytime hours. The restaurant business is not a Monday to Friday business and therefore you need a consultant who is prepared to work arount the hours of the business.

Allow David to Help You

David urges all new clients seeking Consultancy to meet and have an informal one-hour chat over coffee or lunch  to ensure that you will be confident and happy that he and you can work together. There is no charge for this initial Consultation.

To Book Your FREE Coffee & Consultation with David: Click Here

No matter what stage you are at in your business journey, David believes your business and your personal wellbeingdeserves at least that one hour meeting.

Stress of Business Life

David graduated from the SNHS with an International H.Dip in Stress Management. He also attended Oxford and CMIT and graduated in Counselling, NLP, CBT and Hypnotherapy. He knows the level of stress associated with operating a restaurant, hotel, or indeed any business and offers empathic guidance and support to hospitality owners and operators. He is committed to helping others.

David has failed many times as he has been successful, the pain of failure is a very emotional process, it’s a process that can be so painful, akin to grief thatmany feel they will never survive the trauma. David has been there and will walk you through the entire process, without judgement or shame, but by being emphatically present with you through the entire journey.

“If I have no Honour or Integrity, then I have nothing”

David Ellis